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Grip the Wheel of Your Career's Growth

Be the first call with a CarGuys Auto Detailing franchise, putting you in the driver’s seat of a fast-paced, rewarding career opportunity.

Every Vehicle Needs a CarGuy

Escape the clutch of corporate structure and start your own business armed with a roadmap to success, support from pros and the freedom to carve your own path.

By joining our franchise system, you become part of a company with heritage and prestige that has been established over time.

A Proven Business Model

Not only do we offer a proven business model, but we’re also dedicated to propelling our franchisees forward. Our training and support programs are unparalleled, and we provide ongoing assistance to help you grow your business and adapt to changing market conditions. Plus, our brand retains a loyal following and broad reputation for award-winning quality, meaning you’ll have a built-in customer base from Day 1.

Why Wait?

Join the CarGuys Auto Detailing family today and unlock your potential as a new entrepreneur.

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Why a CarGuys Franchise?

Access to Knowledge & Expertise

CarGuys Auto Detailing brings over a decade of experience in the auto-detailing industry to the table. By becoming a franchisee, you will gain access to this knowledge base (including a robust collection of marketing materials), profit from the experience of others and learn from their successes and failures. This will provide you with a competitive edge, reducing the time it takes to establish your business, increase sales and improve profitability.

A Roadmap to Success

By becoming a CarGuys Auto Detailing franchisee, you will be starting your own business with the backing of a team of experts that provide you with a roadmap to success. From the thorough training provided to ensure you start on the right foot, to ongoing support and guidance from the franchise's headquarters, you'll have the tools you need to succeed.

Discretionary Income

Offering high-end auto-detailing services to daily driver and luxury car owners — from minivans to McLarens — you have the potential to bring in discretionary income beyond what most people earn. The automotive recondition industry is thriving, with more professionals than ever profiting from paint-protection services. With the right skills, marketing and focus on satisfying customers' needs, you can tap into a lucrative, local market that few other businesses offer access to.

Make Your Own Decisions

As a franchisee, you are the boss. You have the freedom to make your own decisions about your business and its direction, within the framework set by the franchisor. You have the flexibility to set your own hours, establish your own team and shape the personality of your business. Encouraging two-way communication as a means for strengthening overall operations, CarGuys Auto Detailing regularly solicits input from franchisees.

Continued Education & Growth

As a CarGuys Auto Detailing franchisee, you'll have access to ongoing training, ensuring you stay up to date with the latest techniques in auto detailing. We want you to thrive, so we provide you with opportunities to attend industry conferences, webinars and additional training courses to continue honing your skills and growing your business.

Fully Loaded Mobile Detailing Unit

Work independently wherever you want with CarGuys Auto Detailing's mobile detailing unit (MDU), fully equipped with everything you need to make your business a success. Your van is your primary tool — from the water system to the power you require and all the detailing accessories, our self-contained Ford Transit van is a genuine reflection of CarGuys Auto Detailing's elevated quality of service. With our advanced equipment and guidance, you'll be able to provide world-class detailing wherever the work takes you.

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